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Dojo Decoration Placement & Inspirational Hall


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So lately i've been on a decoration spree in my clan's dojo, building rooms after rooms (Inspirational Hall after Inspirational Hall would be more accurate I guess) and I've finally been able to reproduce and understand a bug that's been annoying me for a while when decorating some rooms but not others. Simply put, connecting rooms together change the buildable space near the doors.

Since images will explain the issue 10 times better than i can with words, here are a few: 

https://imgur.com/PiRRA6c As you can see in this image, i can't place this decoration close to the door, which has no room behind it.
https://imgur.com/Ka2TbH9 Now after placing a room behind the door, rushing the build time, leaving the dojo and coming back to (I guess) reset the session. It's the same room, the same decoration, and the exact same spot as the previous image. The only difference being there is now a room behind the door making it possible to build slighly close to the door (Which is awesome when you try to make a clean Inspirational Hall without clipping with basic walls perfectly hidden behind decorations).

This was one instance where it's fairly easy to show the issue, but it happens a lot close to every door that has no room behind it, and it's particulary annoying with Inspirational Hall, because it stops you from building any decoration around the doors in a quite big radius.

Hopefully i made the issue clear. Cheers!

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