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Void Fissure (Survival)


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I've recently (about a week now) been doing Void Fissures - Survival (Lith / Meso) to farm void traces and the following has become an annoying issue :

1.   Spawning mobs get stuck behind the wall.

2.   Insufficient mobs spawning (I'm guessing this is caused by the spawned mobs being stuck behind the wall causing some sort of glitch to other mobs spawning).

3.   Insufficient Reactants (likely caused by 1 & 2 above). Usually every half hour run would result in at least 1 failed cycle to collect Reactants.

I literally have to run around the whole map hunting for mobs to kill which sort of turns a Survival mission into an Exterminate mission. If I wanted to do an Exterminate mission, I would do an Exterminate mission and not a Survival.

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