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Warframe Concept By The Warframe Discord Community

(XBOX)spartan batty

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Hi Thank you for taking the time too read this. Me and others from the Warframe discord community have been brain storming of a warframe that uses sun like powers we gave him the name Solar or Sol.The design we thought of was a a warframe with an exposed chest cavity with a sun like sphere in the center. Along the body it would have cracks were  the solar energy would radiate out through. The overall phisic of the Warframe would be muscular like that of frost for example.

Our ideas for his abilities are  as follows

1.  Solar flare: this ability would be like a short range crowd control ability that would stun enemies for a brief moment and light them on fire for a small amount of fire damage.When u use the ability the cracks in the Warframe would radiate small half rings like that of the images below just an aesthetic for the Warframe170914181101-earth-ducks-a-cosmic-bullet


2. Dense core: this would works as a defensive ability for him it would absorb incoming damage for a certain amount of damage reduction 

3.  Red giant: This ability would be like vaubons vortex  the enemies are send into a small area in the chest of the Warframe we're the sun like sphere is in it drains your energy faster the more enemies u have an it will allow you to used your final ability 

4 :Solar Eruption : this  ability cannot be used unless red giant is active it  uses the amount of enemies u have currently in your red giant ability (the amount of enemies will determine the amount of damage) an it makes an explotion that sends the enemies outward from your chest causing massive damage too enemies nearby. If u don't use the ability before u don't have enough energy too use It it will automatically activate after u run out of energy from using red giant. for example (if It takes 100 energy too use solar eruption when u get too 100 energy it will automatically use up that 100 energy an activate solar eruption)

This kind of what we were thinking of when we decided on it 


Thanks for your time 🙂

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Sounds interesting, but i have a few things to point out;

1. what would their passive be; i'm think something like a small amount of energy regen when standing near a light source.

2. for the first ability i think that instead of setting them on fire you can make it so that if they are a certain distance away from you they get set on fire, but if they are further away they get hit with a radiation proc; after all the sun/stars produce lots of radiation.

3. for the second ability you could make it so that the absorbed damage turns into a damage reduction (as you already have), but make it so that, instead of going down when getting hit, like iron skin or warding halo, it goes down over time as the sun "burns" through the "fuel" that it gained and the decay rate could be influenced by duration mods.

4. i feel the 3rd and 4th ability should be made into a single ability; you press it once to start sucking up enemies and then press it again to blow it up. This way you don't need to have to us another ability just to use the ult. This also opens up room for a new third ability.

5. A new third ability "Stardust": create a cloud of stardust. Enemies that walk into the stardust will take radiation damage over time. However, you can attack the stardust when it is first created to increase the damage it does. Further, any attack you do to the cloud would then modify the damage type of the cloud to be that of the highest element; i.e. shoot it with an ignis with pure fire will make stardust do fire damage, if you have more corrosive then the stardust does corrosive, etc. Also, the stardust has a 50% status chance (base at max rank) not affected by any mods (so you still get procs with negative power strength). The size of the cloud (in all three directions) will be affected by power strength. Stardust remains for a duration, affected by duration mods, and you can only have one stardust at a time. Casting stardust again will replace the old one.

I feel stardust fits the sun theme and would actually be useful to have for CC, and if you hit it enough; damage as well.

Overall, an interesting concept with potential.

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