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Bug with kuva.


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Although it pains me to post in the same topic as a We Are Q adherent, this happened to me as well.  On a Kuva Flood mission on Rusalka, Sedna, I began the mission and captured the Grineer agent, as usual.  As I progressed further through the level, I heard the Kuva Siphon machine's usual braid-dropping sound, but the Siphon's marker on the map was behind me, not ahead.  Backtracking to the Siphon, I found it in the room where I began the mission, which is unusual for that room (screenshots below). However, no Kuva clouds appeared.  What's more unusual is the "press 5 to enter Operator mode" prompt appeared in a room where the Siphon typically WOULD appear (screenshots below), and would be consistent with the location where I heard the braid-dropping sound.






WAR ID #1466193.

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