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Remove the god damn laser...


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...from void defense tileset. It brings nothing but anguish and teamkills. Only noobs use it to kill their teammates and it helps no one. Im SICK and TIRED of dying to this useless garbage, especially in Arbitration, which just happened,  just because someone is stupid enough to use it.




It was always a problem that did nothing but endanger or kill other Tenno

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Just now, Dark_RRiderr said:

Little hint Missy, try to dont run inside of them. Maybe be on higher ground? Worked for Obi Wan

Tell everyone to dont activate them because of the reasons you mentioned.

You know, stuff like that? Or staying on the defence objective (if its a defence mission)

I dont have eyes behind my back, and it was an interception mission that uses the same tileset.

I didnt need to tell everyone everytime if it didnt exist. And also, people usually dont do what you tell them to.

I was just minding my own business and melee-ing some dudes when suddenly *dead* and not by enemy fire

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Just if you already know all of that, why dont you do something about it then? You do know they dont listen, and you do know which way the lasers will take, and which not... with that knowledge, until things are one day fixed (maybe taking away friendly fire or whatever for now) you will know which areas you should clearly avoid.

If you still run inside the areas you know about that the laser could go through there, then you cant blame the laser or your teammates.

The laser is just doing what its made for going the same way every time, beeing predictable. It cant change (maybe one day, but not yet)

Your teammates are.... kinda predictable as well and there will be always some using the lasers. Meaning they also cant change

You on the other hand got the power and knowledge to change and adept to the situation, avoiding the situation. If you however do so is entirely up to you.


Until then, you can only hope they one day change this. You might not be the first person to have a problem with this but so far the year long i play warframe, i didnt saw it changing and might wont change anytime soon. You can accept it and make the best out of it of something that doesnt change, or you can deny it and be unhappy about it with no chance of beeing happy about it...

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