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8 minutes ago, SoulHunter2008 said:

they are going to be the same account

They are not going to be the same account.
Your PC-account gets copied. The Switch-account will have the same stuff as you PC-Account, but they are 2 different accounts. So yes, you will buy future PAs two times, if you want the stuff on PC and on the Switch.

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If you wanted the plat yes.

The old xbox/ps rules will likely be the same for switch

- PC to Xbox One account migration creates a copy of your PC account and transfers it to your Xbox One account. Once migrated, the two accounts act as separate accounts.
- Migration can only be performed once and can NOT be reversed. Be sure to use the correct Gamertag for the migration.
- All existing Xbox One account progress will be overwritten by your PC account.
- All Platinum and goods purchased on the Marketplace will be added to your new migrated account.
- Any items purchased in-game with Platinum on Xbox One will be overwritten and the Platinum returned to your new migrated account; items purchased with credits will be overwritten by your PC account
- No Platinum purchased on the PC version of Warframe will be transferred to the Xbox One copy.
- No Clan information from the PC is copied, all existing Xbox One Clan information remains untouched.
- Any items on PC that are not currently available on Xbox One will appear when the Xbox One is updated.
- If you have an existing Xbox One account, your Friends List will not be overwritten, but your PC Friends List will not copy over.
- Account sharing/selling is prohibited and if violated you risk having both accounts banned.
- Your PC account will remain unaffected and unchanged after migration.
- All PC Exclusive items and gear will remain exclusive to the PC and will NOT migrate to the Xbox One.
- This migration works only for PC to Xbox One, not PS4™ to Xbox One.
- Select items will NOT migrate with your account. For a full list, please visit out Forum post here.

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