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Operator related bugs


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I was expecting most of these issues to be fixed with the Mainline update or any past update, but it seems these haven't been noticed.
However, it's frustrating me that these are still around and I want to report them in hopes of getting them fixed one day. Please add more that I may have missed in the comments.

Bugs I notice daily:

  • After maxing out Naramon's Mind Sprint - as a result making it unbound - Zenurik's Energizing Dash is left behind - possibly at the supposed range of the dash without the range upgrade.
  • I usually use Operators to dash through rooms faster, but when I switch back after I have moved to a new room, waypoints sometimes do not update as fast and it practically slows down the process
  • More generally, I would appreciate some more waypoint fixes
  • Upon transference, while a Syndicate weapon is equipped it appears to trigger the Synd proc - the icon and sound effect come up, but the proc doesn't happen as it shouldn't -
  • The camera sensitivity gets messed up for the Warframe especially on the planes, I can't remember when or how this happens

All of these or none of these may be host/client related, but I haven't really noticed so I can't be as precise.

One issue I'm certain is client related is when using Nova's Antimatter Absorb while not being the host. The orb constantly sticks on Nova causing various problems. Sometimes it damages Nova, sometimes it even procs radiation on her and other times it damages allies... Stuff like that.

DE please fix 🙏

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