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The little changes


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Through the hours i now play Warframe, there are so much things that changed.
Some of the changes I didnt like, but I think its hard to please everybody and the most are definitly useful and necessary.
But there are some little things that should be in game in my opinion. So maybe there are some other people here who think the same and maybe you got some other ideas too.
I would like too read them.

  • A general syndicat emblem slot: -I changed the syndicats I work with from time to time (not that often though) and it annoys me every time. I have to look every frame and every loadout for the syndicat emblems... Then I forgot one and play a survival just to see that I just throw back in time cause Im leveled for the false syndicat... A general slot in which I could choose (in the arsenal or by the syndicat desk) the syndicats that I wanna play with sure would be nice
  • A peculiar mod space: - It was mentioned in a Devstream before and I think it would be nice to have an extra slot for this mods too. I mean I never play this cause I wont sacrifice a mod space for this
  • CLEM: - The Clem mission is really boring I mean its probably the most popular character from the game, would be cool if he get the honour he deserve^^
  • Change polarities in the simulacrum: - I think it could be useful if we just could change the polarities and check how much forma we have too use, they could be marked blue or so 
  • General Forma: - One of the points that bothers me the most is the forma system. I have to farm a blueprint and the ressources. Than i have to build this thing which last 24 hours and then think on which of the hundred of weapons or warframe, sentinels etc I put it on. And then there are a nerve and the 5 forma I get on my weapon are completely useless... Why can we just have that forma change the slot from no polarity to one polarity which we can change all along without a second forma. I have frames with 10 forma cause of changes. 
  • A sale folder: - I would it if the game gives me the possibility to make a folder in which I can pack the (Prime,Ayatan...)stuff I want to sell and save it.

    I have some other ideas but the time runs and I have to go. I update this in time. Give me your ideas which maybe could change the game in an even better one.
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1, there such thing as ABC loadouts for look you could easily just have a look with each sydnicate sigil

2. its called exlius slot an the pecluir mods are just for fun not for builds so nothing lost for you.

3. the clem weekly quest is kinda boring but we get to earn specters of are mighty lil hero

4. having the ability to make an test builds would be quite enjoyable.

5. formas will be 1 polarity change item, you will often have to change up builds on items as new mods come in an as things get reworks. as its part of warframe to keep trying to balance an modify the game ot try n keep some sense of balance in it.

6. wont ever have this folder as closest thing will be you going to maroos an offering up 5 items in hopes someone will buy said items you offered up

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I agree with the Clem missions and the polarity change in the simulacrum. These ones are something the players could use without destroying the balance between "it is too easy" and "it is too hard" in warframe. A general Syndicate sigil may be useful, but how would the system work where you can gain more standing the higher your sigil is then? Will you be able to buy a thing from the syndicates which will allow you to raise the affinity-to-standing ration for the general sigil? It will definitely need a second thought, but can be implemented. Peculiar Mods are supposed to be exchanged for one installed mod, or in other words: you have to sacrifice one mod for a peculiar one. DE have said this when they reveiled them. The exact reason behind this is unknown to me but it may has something to do with high mastery rank players (Veterans) and creating a bit of a challenge for them, combined with fun. I think we can all agree on the point that Clem needs more diversity for his missions, maybe a rescue mission (Clem was captured by the [ENEMY FACTION]. He needs your help. Go and rescue him! This can be the dialog said by Darvo) or something else like assisting him during an assault mission on the grineer fortress. As I already said at the beginning of this unfortunately long text, the ability to change the polarities on your warframe/weapon/companion or whatever without sacrificing a forma for it in the simulacrum can be indeed very useful in order to test a build or just see how many formas you'll need. The idea behind the simulacrum, which is a test area controlled by you, also support this proposal. The forma suggestion... No. Just no. In order to change something, which will affect your warframe/weapon/companion performance, you have to sacrifice something a forma for it. You can't buy a house, live there and go to your estate agent then, and say: "I don't like this house anymore. I want a new one!" I can not say with certainty that this is the best example, but I hope you get the point. The sale folder, which I think is just another name for an auction house, where you can set up your own AFK shop, slam prices on everything and then forget it, is something that Warframe is not in need of. The idea of an auction house may already exist longer than I play Warframe (and that is for sure a long time) and was discussed by the developers. [DE]Steve has said earlier, that an auction house supports afk-gaming, which is something he does not want to have in Warframe.

I hope that my ideas and thoughts on your suggestion are somewhat understandable and that the text was not too long to read.

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The exilus slot for the peculiar mods, ok yeah i think thats sounds reasonable.
The Forma thing, i dont know, maybe im still a bit pissed for the tonkor nerve^^ I've spend around 6 Formas on them an then they destroyed them for me and they give me 1 froma!?XD 
The sale folder, I think I expressed myself wrongly. I dont want an AFK shop in warframe, I only want this folder for myself, so I have the items I wanna sell at one look. (I dont trade that often on warframe and every i see someone who search a set I have to look through my inventory. Maybe its just on console or for me I think its not very clear. It would help me if I just could mark them and see them on the first look) Yeah I mean i could just search them if I type in their name, but thats a bit irritating with a controller.
The ABC loadouts Im using for fashion frame, so I dont want to look every time if i can take the B loadout for the right syndicat. It would be useful for me to take a sigil at the arsenal for all my frames for one syndicat. This would be one click to change it for all my frames^^

I wish there would be a good place to farm forma (bps) efficient. The relics killed this for me. But thanks for your suggestions, I like the Clem ideas

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