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We Need Sobek Wraith And Hek Wraith


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Notice how Vandal-wise, they ended up creating them from the first weapon you can obtain for that weapon type.


Snipetron was the first sniper rifle. Snipetron Vandal.


Lato was the first pistol. Lato Vandal.


Braton was the first rifle. Braton Vandal.


Strun is the first shotgun. Strun Wraith.


They might branch out to other weapons, but I'm guessing their next Vandal/Wraith/(insertspecialnamehere) would be Skana...which, seeing as they're going to be buffing single handed swords soon, is something to look forward to imo.

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I just really want a story behind Vandal and Wrath. Like right when they give us the darn thing.

We have the basic idea of Vandal, special Tenno customs. But what about Wraith. If we just knew what DE had in the back of their head, we could actually theory craft future guns.

Right now its just "This sounds cool" And they proceed to throw candy at us.

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