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Warframe color camouflage


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I was noticing this when playing missions, Grineer and Corpus units have their clothing color kind of matching to the tileset.
That sometime gets a bit hard to spot in a hurry when they are standing next to machinery that merges with their silouette.

Then I noticed using white warframe on a grineer tileset is very striking, while almost blend in with the snow maps.
While prime warframe blend well with void tilesets.

Suggestion - Warframe & Weapon colored to match tileset will decrease range that enemy can spot you by 50%.
Meaning the detection radius is now halved for enemies to be seeing you.

For example -
White warframe in snow tileset. (Arctic Camo)

combat_en_montagne.jpg 41bK4bZkAwL._SY400_.jpg

Green/Brown warframe in jungle (earth) (Jungle Camo) 

HTB16N1hGXXXXXXAXpXXq6xXFXXX4.jpg hqdefault.jpg

Green, Yellowish, Brown in grineer tileset (Urban Camo)

Update-Fool3-BrickCamo.jpg?itok=jQ9XPsYg george_5.jpg

Tan/ Sand Brown on Desert tileset (Desert Camo)



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Players tend to dislike it when visual appearance conflicts with effective gameplay. The reason so many games nowadays have slots for items that affect appearance but not stats is because we want to be able to customize how we look without compromising our success. (Even if it's a small thing like how far away the enemy can notice you, people like to maximize their effectiveness.)

Besides, it would be really annoying having to figure out the tileset you're going to next and swapping your colors to match.

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Syvarin said it best, I think: while the idea of having one's color scheme provide camouflage is interesting on paper, in practice players tend to heavily dislike it when cosmetics and gameplay interact in any way. Even features as basic as Chroma's element depending on his Energy color, Octavia's power depending on the beat of her song, or even just Equinox's starting form depending on the player's color scheme, are features many players want to change. In the case of the above, this means players would feel a push to use something other than the color scheme they'd want, which isn't really a desire one would want to create, even if the impact to gameplay is minimal.

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Hmmm... As far as I'm aware, just throwing this out there, but this is kind of the opposite of what Warframes are supposed to be.

I mean, listen to some of the things that Ballas says in the Banshee Prime trailer, or in the Codex lore snippets when a Warframe from the Orokin era is mentioned (as in, the Primes), and the whole point of them is that they're unique. They don't fit in, they aren't like any of the things you'll encounter out there in the star chart.

Grineer are militaristic, but bulbous, mechanical and warped. Degraded versions of people cloned and cloned again. There is no elegance, no beauty, and their aesthetic is to differentiate their divisions by the area they go to. Camo for the different areas, paint jobs and armour variants for higher ranking versions, and decorations and better weapons for the more unique locations.

Corpus are uncaring and precise, faceless and remote. Their employees are more security than soldiers, and they are completely expendable if need be. Their gear is made to function, not be ergonomic. Angular and clean, or even just basic cover-all styles for non-metallic bits. The more specialised a Corpus unit is, the more ridiculous it looks, with helmets and gear that becomes less and less about the user inside and more about the function it's showing it has outside. Material and monetised to an incredible degree. The only units that have any elegance to them are the units made based on animals or using Warframe tech (like Zanuka).

And then the infested... well... you know what the Infested are about.

Warframes, however, are designed to look strange. Different. Elegant and refined or sleek, deadly. Every one of them different to the other, every one of them a work of Ballas' art. Vauban Prime, with the harsh lines of the Corpus, but refined and still human, polished and purposeful without losing that clear-cut difference from the people he was set to watch. Banshee Prime and her insectile, cicada-like forms, organic looking, bulbous in places, and yet slim and elegant for all of that.

Putting them in camo is everything they would not be. Even if fashion-frame dictates that we own the skin, or that every avenue be explored in pursuit of what looks good... Camo is then denying that by asking a Warframe to blend in.

Also, as a side note, DE have completely stopped giving skins actual Stats, there are some left over, but you get them for free now from alerts, or you don't get them at all (like the original Arcane Helmets). Since skins are Platinum purchases, this would be an actual example of pay-to-win, where so far Warframe is only 'pay to go faster'. 

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