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New interactive rooms for dojo?


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I know I made a thread about his a while ago, but here i go again. What if we had bonus-specialized rooms in the dojos (rooms that add extra functions or buffs to members of a clan)?


These rooms are also to encourage more people to go into the dojos.

Like a storage room, members can store extra items in the rooms like long term storage. IE, it would be removed from your normal inventory and you wont be able to access stored items until you personally went back to your locker in the dojo, and reclaimed them (you and only you would be able to view and access your stored items). If you have been kicked out of the clan or leave it, all the items are sent back to you in the mail. The ones that can fit in your inventory, go straight in and fill it up. The rest goes into an overflow storage; in which you can view the items, but cannot use them until you have the inventory space for said equipment. You can expand your dojo-inventory either with credits, or some kind of clan based reputation points, like the syndicates.

The clan based rep could come from clan issued missions or alerts from another room (mission control, war room, c head quarters, etc...) where the leaders of clan can also issue other rewards for the mission from the clan treasury. Something along those lines, I just thought of the control room idea while writing this.

And maybe a room like a clan library, basically, a room where members can donate personal codex  info into a clan collective codex, where players can replicate a complete codex scan into their own codex for 1 million credits.

Lastly something like a munitions factory to generate small temporary buffs for clan members (EX: Incendiary rounds[+5% heat], Slugs[+5% impact], Target Assist[+10% crit chance], and so on....) .

Also this is more of a decoration idea rather than a room, but NPC decorations. Not ones you can interact with, but scenery NPCs like the guards or the illegally loitering people in the relays. Just that these ones would bear the clan emblem. Some would be armed guards, some would be working on the computer decorations, some with data-pads, some loitering, etc.., you get what i mean.

Let me know what you think or any ideas you come up with. Clem Clem GRAAKKAAATAAAAAAAA!!!

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