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[Wyrm] Laser Spreader


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Poor Wyrm... ever since that new kid moved in and took the seat in front on him, the teacher never calls his name, and he's never picked for Grineer Ball at PE.


But seriously, I think Wyrm needs another weapon. BUT YES my gentile snowflake! I have one here to show you!


[ Laser Spreader Blue Print ]

Salvage: 5500

Circuits: 3500

Fieldron: 5

Forma: 1

Cost to Build: 35,000c

Time: 12hr

Dropped: T1 to T2 Void or Randomly by Lv30+ Corpus Bosses.


[ Laser Spreader ]

Type: Laser Shotgun

Mastery: 5

Damage Type: Laser

Damage Falloff: Inline with "Warrior" range.

Damage 330 (11×30 "Pellets" spread evenly across 120° Lateral Arc)

Crit Chance: 0%

Crit Dmg: 100%

Fire Rate: 2.5

Accuracy: 100

Clip Size: 3

Reload: 1.5

Polarity: 1×Attack, 1×Defense


Edit -- Added attack polarity to offset build cost, because apparantly 1 Polarity is 'lol'.



Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to flame my ideas individually or as a whole.

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