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Advice needed for ODD



Hello people, 

So I am organising a defense run at Odd on Sunday. Atm I am bringing Limbo or Trinity, and my girlfriend brings Octavia. Which frames do you think should I get others to bring to reach higher levels? Nekros? Some Dps beast? 

Thanks for the advise! 

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18 minutes ago, Rawbeard said:

define "higher levels". but with Trinity, assuming bless, you already have the most important factor to success that doesn't rely of some obscene dps where everything dies while spawning

At least wave 50

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21 minutes ago, Sigonnen said:

At least wave 50

I have soloed with Trinity with a Torid up until wave 35 for parts.

Octavia would easily made it beyond wave 50 by camping on ledge of pillar.
You can bring Ivara to put up a network of ziplines on top of the defense objective.
Which can be easier jumped up and X to go on zipline than trying to hide on the ledges of the 4 pillars.

I did put a 2 layer net before with ivara jumping from the pillar ledge and go as high as possible to cast one layer, 
the second layer is another bullet jump up which basically put you out of range of MOA's swarm attack.

If you are simply out of reach from enemies you are basically safe regardless of enemy levels

sleep arrow would put off an attacking wave on the objective
while Octavia's mallet does the job of killing.

The main thing is the objective actually have less HP and Shield than Akkad, Sechura objective.
so you need to be killing fast and not letting it get hit a lot.

Trinity can help in later waves by WoL remaining enemies to stun but not kill to buy time 
to let the objective recover until the next wave. But I am guessing Sleep Arrows would do the job.

You will want to have obscene damage weapons on top of warframe abilities, maybe 
something that could easily stop wave 50+ enemies with a few shots.


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