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Orokin Vault Mod not appearing in inventory after mission clear


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This occurred while doing a solo derelict extermination run with 4 dragon keys. I completed the extermination objective, found the vault after the objective was complete, grabbed everything in the vault, then extracted.

Upon extraction however, the vault items didn't immediately appear on the reward screen, and I believe the game said something about being unable to reach servers for a few seconds. After this, the items did appear on the screen, however upon checking for the given mod, I didn't have it in my inventory.

After further inspection, it appeared that both keys were used, I believe I received the Orokin Cipher from it, but after relogging three times, and checking the mobile app, the mod did not appear. 

Screenshot of the mission reward screen: https://i.imgur.com/X4j5JsR.jpg 

Screenshot of my mods inventory after searching: https://i.imgur.com/fSpA1IM.jpg

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