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I gave platinum, but I didn´t receive item


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Hi, guys,

I´m not sure, if I´m in right section, I don´t know, where this belongs to. So I´m sorry in advance.

I have a serious problem, which I´ve never had. I wanted to buy Odonata Prime Wings for 41p from (forgotten nick) guy through Warframe Market. He invited me, I gave him plat, he gave me Wings. I was looking forward to them, it was my last part to craft Odonata Prime.

But when I went to the Foundry to build it, I couldn´t, because I saw that I have 0/1 Odonata Prime Wings despite that I had 41p less. I checked Foundry and Inventory 4 times, no help. I relogged 2 times, no help. If you will ask about scamming, I was checking trade and he gave me them, if I´m remembering well.

So I really don´t know.

I´ll be glad for every advice or help. It´s kinda frustrating situation for me.

Thank you, guys.

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