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Orvius Channeling


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So, I am using Orvius relatively often with my Prime Warframes, especially with Banshee Prime, but it has one issue.

Wherever I throw the thing, instead doing what Glaives usually do - Go to enemy and wall to wall and then return, it does if it can Orvius' special Channeling Attack even when I am not Channeling, which has unfortunately often caused my HP hit 0 when Orvius has blown right on my face.

I have my Channeling Key-bind on same button as my Aim with my controller and I use Euphona Prime as Banshee's Sidearm, so I'd understand if it did it when I aim at enemy, but it does it even when I am not aiming.

Reason I am mildly annoyed by this bug is that I don't have this problem with my Falcor or even normal Glaive.

I hope this gets resolved quick.

Thank you of your time of reading this.


Edit : It seems to happen more when I use Power Throw.

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