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3 hours ago, (PS4)SoulEnd281 said:

I've used Rift, and the enemies within still won't go into stasis when I use Rift, then stasis.

Rift Surge? Entering the Rift? Neither of these will work. Surge uses enemies already in the rift to drag more in, whereas entering the rift on your own won't affect the enemies.

Use your first or fourth abilities to put some enemies in the rift, apply your second, and watch as they stop in time.

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It works fine within the limits of the ability conditions. 

1) enemies need to be in the rift (banish which is your 1 ability or cataclysm 4 ability) 

2) you need to cast stasis (2 ability) 

3) enemies need to stay in the rift so if your ability for banish or cataclysm runs out they will no longer be in stasis (there is a workaround using your rift surge ability but that's slightly more advanced considering you are having problems with the basics) 

The only problems you could face are if there are nullifiers or those annoying skating corpus enemies nearby which may block your abilities. 

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