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Extremely messy and unreliable controller customisation


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Since the Chimera update, I had this little problem where I couldn't crouch when using my melee/Exalted melee with my controller (keyboard was till working), even tho it was working just fine for years. 

Then I made the mistake of changing my settings. First of all, when I opened it, it showed me the Default settings instead of what I was using. Then I started to change everything back to what I wanted, just to receive multiple pop-ups saying I couldn't do this or that, like putting Secondary Fire and Parry on the same button (even tho it was still working on my controller after 3 years and even after the update). Finaly got something that looked a lot like my original settings, so I confirmed... and it all went wrong.

I though I removed some settings, but they were still active, while my "supposed" settings were... just not there. For example, the Down (D-pad) button was, by default, consumables, while I normaly use it for the First Ability. I tried removing the consumables completely, but it was only switching from one button to another, so I switched it to R3 and selected "First Ability" for Down. Result: Consumables on both and unable to use First Ability. 

And that's just an example. It does the same for many of my controls, no matter how any times I change/reset+change them. Restarting the game doesn't fix anything, nor does going in/out of a mission. Everytime I enter the Controller Customisation, I see the Default settings rather than my actual settings and I have to change them all again (otherwise they're saved as my current settings), which solves nothing anyway. 


I know it's not a priority for most people, as PC players using a controller are a minority, but this still needs to be adressed. Who knows, maybe this bug could be shipped to Consoles if not fixed before they get the Chimera Update. 

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