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Suggestions Regarding Warframe Syndicates


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So the other day I was thinking about syndicate reputation and why I feel like there is a general dislike for the system. I'm not gonna make any bold claims like "Everyone hates it", especially since I don't hate it per se. I will, however, offer some suggestions that I feel like might be healthy for the system.

So one thing that I know is a bit frustrating is the daily cap. First of all I feel like I know the intention behind it, and I agree with it. If there was no limiter, people would simply grind the most effective reputation farms for a few days and be done. It would remove the sense of progression and encourage a more brute force method of powering through stuff. This leads to my first suggestion: reputation should be replaced by a syndicate currency. Now, functionally, this would make almost no difference to our interactions with them for transactions. You would earn the currency(the syndicate medallions are pretty much the perfect candidate) by completing syndicate missions, et cetera, and purchase items from them like normal. This is sort of how Vitus Essence works with Arbitrations. It would also be very easy to do, as you could simply equate X reputation to 1 medallion, and then all of the prices would be easily adjustable. Whether or not these should be tradeable is debatable, as I see pros and cons to both. That would really be up to DE, but I will say the idea trading one type of medallions for another or for items is interesting.

Then, I suggest the daily cap be removed, so that there is no limit to how many medallions you could earn in a day(or at the very least a soft cap, as suggested for focus earns by the devs in the past). Instead, what should be time-gated is simply ranking up within each syndicate. This would actually make working with syndicates much more lucrative, as you would be able to farm for relic packs, spectres, et cetera, fairly reliably. Because of the reputation limit, I feel like most items offered are ignored in favor of the money-makers. While this isn't inherantly bad, as each player's choices are there own, again I just think that this would add a lot more life to the syndicates. While their inventories are large, they are a bit stagnant. If players were much more invested into them, there would also be more incentive for DE to add more interesting stock.

One last suggestion is that perhaps certain syndicates/ranks in syndicates could require you to complete a specific challenge in addition to or in place of certain items for the next rank. For example: To reach rank two with the Red Veil, they could ask for credits, medallions, and require you to complete a challenge such as "Kill 20 enemies with stealth finishers in one mission". At higher levels they could require you to be even craftier, such as "Cause enemies to bleed for a total of 5 minutes".

What do you guys think? More ideas are welcome!


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