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Easy Way To Add Flavor


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Add 4 more slot to warframes and weapons.


With the new ability cards  that have come out  almost no one uses , and they probably don't use them for the same reason i don't use them we have no more room on our frames . 


I would love to run heavy impact on my frost prime , or master thief , or equilibrium ,  but it's not worth taking a direct upgrade card off for a flavor one  . Most high ranked players i know forma off  an ability for that extra slot  on their favorites ; I've done it with the frost : freeze , the nyx, psychic bolts . 


And weapons  everyone load is the same , mods provided . any high ranked player use eagle eye? thunderclap , heck even fast hands is going the way of the dodo at least on rifles 



give player more options , they will love u for it . 

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seriously, people would just be tanky as F*** if that were implemented...could put in all the shield/health/armor mods on while still having power mods on, sounds like you just want a roided up frame to laugh while 10 fusion moas try to fry you with their beams

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