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LEGO Solaris United Medallion


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You don't know me, but I know you, and I know that Solaris United need all the support they can get!

This is why I am reaching out for you with this blueprint I've received from Ergo Glast, the leader of Perrin Sequence.

He wants all the Tenno to assemble this medallion shaped after the Sloaris United sigil and display it with pride.



Even though it's made out of plastic, you don't have to farm for Polymer Bundles. There's a trade hub called BrickLink where vendors from all around the Solar System sell plastic parts they call "bricks" (don't ask me why most of them don't look like bricks) to satisfy the needs of millions of enthusiasts who like to toy with models made out of those "bricks".

I went and prepared this useful parts manifest. Just give it to any vendor on BrickLink and they will quickly assemble the package.

Share the blueprint with your clanmates and friends, and let's show the Solaris United our support and appreciation!

Show them that we all #LiftTogether, Tenno!

With this, I am signing off.

Your ally and an agent of Ergo Glast,

— Morgan


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