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Simulacrum NPC Battle Improvements and Additions


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Hello there,I wanted to recommend and suggest improvements for the Simulacrum in order to make it complete and more "Fun".


- All Warframe Specters (Player must own the respective frame in order to spawn it)

- Ignore Player Option (so that if we want to make an NPC Battle  we won't need to spam Loki invisibility)

- Fly (So that if we want to have a better  aerial shoot of the Arena)

- Add the Missing bosses (for Example Stalker,Vor,Tyl Regor,Etc...)

- Add Eidolon Terralyst and the other 2 (In a new arena of course)

- Add Least but not less important, New type of arenas for different purposes (NPC Battles, Etc)


- Sentient Conculyst Not being able to attack other NPCs 

- Enemies constantly falling from the map (This could be simply fixed by adding different types of arenas)

- Dwarwyns (Stuck on the ground,Dunno how to put their name)



- Max NPC number of 20 to 40 


I Really hope this gets some type of attention so that DE or anyone will look at this.

Thank you!

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