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New Sniper-Rifle Concept


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Greetings fellow Tennos,

last time i've hunted a Eidolon, i've got a idea for a new Sniper.

A Sniper with Secondary Fire. 

The Mechanics:

You zoom in and with your secondary fire you "mark" an enemy on the point, where you hit it (only one zoom in, cause of the secondary fire).

If you shoot again and hit the enemy at the mark, it deals extra damage (like damage-multiplier 1,5 x up to 3x for the amount of the hits on that mark).

It would not be an allrounder-sniper. It would be more the sniper you use to get extra damage on bosses.


I hope i can get some feedback for this :)

Have a nice day.

Kind regards, Saberasu

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Buzlok with homing bullets on the marked area or Banshees sonar with the weak spots?

I don't mind the idea, would be effective on Eidolons, marking before shields go down, then shooting when they are.

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