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Index failures ddue to lack of attention


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Whenever I try doing a public Index run, especially High Index where people do not just cash in ASAP, there is a not insignificant chance, that no one is paying enough attention to the clock ticking down on the left side of the screen, and suddenly it just ends, taking our cash with it, even though veryone has a million points floating around them.

Is there any chance that we can get some obnoxious visual cue (is that the right cue here?) warning us that "You have 20 seconds left to do something about defeat" or something aloing those lines?

I am not even sure if the announcer does that because his voice just gets filtered out as background noise for me...

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Yeah this annoys me a bit too, you have a rhino in the team taking all the points (that is their job after all) then doesn't keep track of time so we end up failing.... then in some cases, blames us for not putting any in, even after we've raised the issue in the chat box....

A nice big count down would be nice, although it won't help when you've go players 'stockpiling' for the next round (yes I've seen this too...) instead of the one we're on....

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