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Chymick's Prime Shop, Come in Tenno and see my wares!

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Hello Tenno!

I got myself a few full sets to sell, so I decided to open up a little shop here.
My prices are listed on each, however, if you were to buy more, I would be willing to drop the price.

these are full sets, before asking for stuff make sure you have the required mastery!

Banshee Prime (50P)
Frost Prime (200P, vaulted)
Hydroid Prime (60P)
Limbo Prime (80P)
Mirage Prime (40P)
Nekros Prime (180P, vaulted)
Oberon Prime (60P)
Valkyr Prime (100P, vaulted)

Zephyr Prime(50P)

Braton Prime (11P)
Burston Prime (11P)
Cernos Prime (30P)
Paris Prime (11P)
Sybaris Prime (22P)
Tiberon Prime (40P)
Tigris Prime (60P, vaulted)

Ballistica Prime (25P)
Bronco Prime (15P) (I have 2, buy both for 26P (13P each) and I'll throw in the Akbronco BP and Link) 
Euphona Prime (90P)
Hikou Prime (60P, vaulted)
Lex Prime (11P)
Pyrana Prime (30P)

Destreza Prime (30P)
Fang Prime (11P)
Galatine Prime (40P, vaulted)
Kogake Prime (40P)
Orthos Prime (11P)
Reaper Prime (70P, vaulted)
Silva & Aegis Prime (25P)

Carrier Prime (150P, vaulted)
Wyrm Prime (140P, vaulted)
Helios Prime (20P)

I'm looking for a few things to complete set to sell (I have all the primes available for Console), so if you want save a bit of plat these can be substituted for plat *, I leave the pricing to YOU:
(BP: main BluePrint, Cha: Chassis, Sys: Systems, Neuro: Neuroptics, seems redundant, trust me Tenno, people don't always know) 
-Rhino Prime BP
-Ash Prime Sys and Neuro
-Loki Prime Sys
-Nyx Prime Sys and Neuro
-Saryn Prime Cha x 2
-Trinity Prime Sys x2
-Valkyr Prime Cha x2
-Vauban Prime Sys and Neuro
-Volt Prime Cha
-Cernos Prime Lower Limb
-Albolto Prime Receiver
-Aklex Prime Link
-Akstiletto Prime Receiver
-Bo Prime Ornament
-Dakra Prime Blade
-Fragor Prime Head
-Nikana Prime Hilt
-Kronen Prime Blade
-Scindo Prime Blade

*I'm not buying, so don't PM me to just sell a part, I'm not buying, this is for substituting plat if you want to buy stuff.

Lastly, I would need the weapons from New Loka and Perrin Sequence (There's no way I'm going to max them out)

So if you are interested in making a deal, PM me on this site (I check it often when I'm home or at work).

This is to help me buy more Slots (with an O, not a U), Rivens and Fashion Items (Tennogens are pricey).

Looking forward to doing business, Tenno.


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