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How Fast Do You Usually Finish Farming For Warframe Blueprints?


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For me, it usually takes up to three hours, but no more.

Shortest being Nova or Nyx. I didn't record how long it took for each, but I got Nova's blueprints within the first hour of release, and Nyx really took maybe a bit more than thirty minutes, which I actually could have farmed faster.


How long do you guys take?

I was interested in making this topic because people tend to tell me it usually takes up to almost a full week, but the longest mine has been probably would be a strange Saryn farming session that took about five hours, as well as my Mag farming, but I've taken a little too many breaks, so it should be less time than Saryn.


Edit: Excluding Vauban

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I managed to get Volt, Ash, Excalibur, and Rhino in around half an hour to an hour each.

Ember, Trinity, and Mag took quite a while to get. I believe Ember was like 100+ runs, Trinity around 50~, and Mag around 200 (the Systems just did not want to drop, but I needed Gallium anyway).

I ran Raptor 78 times and only had the Chassis (like seven of it), broke down and bought Nova.

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Took me about the same, a few hours or so to get each frame. With one Notable exception.

I ran, no exaggeration at all, 900..NINE HUNDRED Missions to get Banshee's Helmet. Every one of them was on the planets said to drop them most, doing all the right missions. Eventually i got tired of farming for her, and just bought her. The next day, guess what dropped? Yeah...the Helmet. So i decided to toss out a big EFF YOU to RNG, and i build her anyway. So now, i have two Banshees. I play the one i bought, but the other im leaving Unranked. I painted her solid Gold and call her my Trophy Frame. My giant golden middle finger to RNG.

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It depends.

I could not get a single Nyx part after 25 runs.

So I bought with plat and it is the only frame i bought.


Nova took me like 15 runs.

Volt took me like another 30 rounds.

Easiest was Rhino. Like 5 runs.


Majority of my frames take about 20 rounds.

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My experience matches yours OP. My worst case of farming for a Frame was Frost, since I did it after Lech Kril health gated. Probably took about six hours. Excepting that however, all my other frames were sub 3 hour. My worst case of farming in Warframe however was the Miter, 16 hours for the Blade, back before they increased the drop rate.

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