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Warframe Specter Rework- Operators, Tranferrence, AI, and more!


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With the advent of the second dream, war within, and sacrifice questlines, our Operators have demonstrated time and time again the ability to transfer into other Warframes and various other things.

The Specter system is one of the things that hasn’t updated with the times. It has very limited functionality and isn’t worth utilizing. This concept serves to expand the system while simplifying it to a more usable and viable resource and weaving it into warframe’s progression more fluidly.

The problem with Warframe specters is that they are warframes with effectively no mods to their powers. This leads to a problem where summoning one is next to worthless because you were expecting your 265% range nekros prime, not one with a pitiful desecrate range. Outside of that, their AI is just wonky at times and doesn’t utilize the most powerful tools at their disposal (Looking at you Umbra, putting away your exalted blade and pulling out your primary)

Also, this should go without saying but when I refer to ‘Specters’ in this thread, I am referring to Warframe Specters (Although, something similar to this for all Specters would be pretty neat).

Gathering the Troops

Not many people know this but Specters can actually be gathered from completing Rescue missions. They are rewarded as Blueprints separated into 4 categories; Vapor, Phase, Force, and Cosmic. The only difference between these specters is their starting health and scaling based on enemy level.

Now, instead of only replaying rescue missions over and over again to get a ton of specters, they should also be rewards from Defection, as it is an endless mission mode with a similar mission layout.

All of the different Specter types are now unified as one Warframe Specter. The rewards from the missions at changed to 1x Specter Blueprints, 5x, 10x, and 20x depending on difficulty, stealth, mission time, and remaining operative health as opposed to just difficulty and mission time. All blueprints have 5 minute build times.

Assigning Roles

Currently, Loadouts for Specters are bound when you craft them, without any option to do it later. This is fine, except in cases when you have a load out that you want to preserve as a Specter and it gets especially annoying having to hit “Preserve” over and over and over again at the foundry.

Now, Specters can be built and claimed from the foundry without any extra menu popups. However, they cannot be seen on your gear options straight after crafting them.

After building your Specter Stash, you can go into the loadout options menu of your preferred loadout and hit “Bind Specter”.  This will bind that loadout as a Specter that you can summon. You can bind any loadout even if it doesn’t have a weapon in every slot. The only restriction is that all portions of that loadout must be at max rank. When you go into your gear options menu, the Specter will show up as “[Loadout Name] Specter”.

Specter loadouts can be changed out by going into the loadout options and hitting “Change Specter” or “Remove Specter”. Changing any aspect of a Specter loadout will also adjust the Specter for the next mission.

Loadouts that have been bound as Specters will have a light blue highlight over them in the loadout menu. The can be quickly managed by right clicking on them to Bind and Unbind them.

Lastly, instead of 4 Loadouts that can be bound, the player will get 1 Specter loadout plus an additional Specter loadout for every 5 mastery ranks.

Ironing out the Kinks

To make sure that the Specters make smart tactical decisions in an actual mission, Specter AI can be modified directly from a menu that can be accessed via the “mode” tab in the arsenal.

By default, the mods available for every Warframe include mods for prioritizing all of their powers and mods that prioritize using their primary, secondary, or melee weapons at various attack radii. Certain frames will have some additional mods thanks to certain mechanics and intricacies covered at the bottom of the page. Mods can be found out in missions that increase the variety of strategies one can create, such as targetting heavy units, armored units, common units, Nullifiers, specific factions, placing certain abilities over defense objectives, targetting defense/rescue operatives, positioning close to allies, the player, enemies, or hacking consoles.


During a mission, only one Specter per loadout can be summoned at a time.

Pre-War within, players aren’t going to see much of a difference with their current gameplay outside of being able to bring out multiple specters with them in a normal mission assuming they are MR 5+.

After War within, players can use their operator to transfer between their specters any time they want. Transferring into a new Warframe returns its energy to starting capacity. Void blast will force your Specters to stop moving allowing for an easier transferrence. Your specters will be highlighted with a marker of your operator’s energy color when running around as an operator.

Transferrence itself gets an upgrade too. Pressing the key without a target will transfer your most recent frame to your operator as it does now. Holding the key regardless of target will return your operator to the location of your most recent frame. Pressing the key with a Specter targetted will transfer the operator into that frame.

To solve the Umbra problem, transferring out of any Warframe that isn’t Umbra will simply render them still until the operator returns as they do now. This way, Umbra is still technically an upgrade because he can jump into action the moment the operator transfers out instead of having to wait for the operator again. Umbra will also have his own Specter AI modding screen regardless of whether or not his loadout is binded as one. A new upgrade called an “Umbral Bolt” rewarded in high level missions can also transfer this property over to other frames.

Dying in a Specter will simply transfer the operator back to the frame that they started the mission in. All affinity goes to that frame as well.

Warframe Specter Intricacies

General- Only abilities that can target both enemies and allies need to prioritized towards a certain target. If there is no specification, the frame will attempt to do both.

Ash- As a Specter he will not teleport with his clones during bladestorm.

Equinox- Her abilities in both forms can be prioritized individually as well as simultaneously in one slot. She can shift between forms even if Metamorphisis is not prioritized in her AI. If Metamorphisis is prioritized, Equinox will try to keep the buffs from shifting forms active as much as she can. Transferring into the clone created from the Duality Augment will transfer the operator into the actual Equinox Specter, not the one that is created via the augment.

Ivara- Quiver’s Arrow types can be prioritized individually. If she is prioritized to target a cloak arrow at the player specifically, she will target the player and shoot the arrow two seconds before the duration of the previous cloak arrow expires if there is one active. Transferring into an Ivara Specter disables Navigator.

Khora- Venari’s commands can all be prioritized individually.

Limbo- If banish is prioritized, he will dash out of the rift before banishing it intended target and dashing in again. This is also true if there is a mod equipped that prioritized hacking consoles. The ally targetting mod will not work in conjunction with Banish, only the player and enemy targetting mod. If rift surge is activated, he will attempt to place down and maintain a cataclysm over or within line of sight of the affected targets regardless of whether or not cataclysm is prioritized. This function also overrides placing a cataclysm over a defense objective.

Mesa- Mesa will shift in and out of her regulators if the peacemaker mod is prioritized in her AI, unless the Mesa’s Waltz is equipped in which case she will simply keep her peacemakers up for as long as she can. Prioritizing ballistic battery means that she will only fire off the enhanced shot when he ability is maxed.

Nekros- If the Soul Survivor Augment is equipped and Soul Punch is prioritized in his AI, Nekros will attempt to revive any downed allies. Doing the same with Terrify and Creeping Terrify will cause Nekros to attempt to slow any enemies he sees.

Nidus- In defense missions he will disable parasitic link if there are no more enemies within 50m

Nyx- In defense missions she will disable Mind control of there are no more enemies within 50m.

Octavia- The Conductor Augment will have no effect on the Specter AI.

Revenant- If Mesmer skin is prioritized, Revenant will disable Danse Macabre if it is active and attempt to refresh it when there are no enemies in his line of sight. 

Rhino- If Iron skin is prioritized, Rhino will try to keep it up as often as possible. If Ironclad Charge is equipped, Rhino will charge into enemies regardless of whether or not Rhino Charge is prioritized before casting Iron Skin. Equipping Iron Shrapnel will cause Rhino to refresh his iron skin whenever there are no enemies in his line of sight.

Titania- She has AI mods unique to her that determine what altitude she should maintain. She also has two Razorwing precepts; one prioritizing Dex Pixia and the other prioritizing the Diwata.

Vauban- Minelayer’s mines can all be prioritized individually.

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