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Decent Riven Shop [27/10]Updat with DOPE/God/good Rivens for Meta & non-meta weapons ''primaries-secondaries-meles'' get Yourself Ready for VENUS TENNO !

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[Updat 25/10] Sold Kohm & Detron  --|--  ADDED New Sexy Gaz vulkar / lanka satitis / arca sisco -zoom

[Updat 27/10] Sold lecta --|--

Selling som hot rivens that look like som  magenta cards for ;[from  (a-Z)]   🐤  ,attica, akstiltto, afuris ; broken scepter, burst  laser ; boar(not listed yet) ,cyath, corinth , detron, dehtat, flux rifel , , gorgon ,gram , hema, hind,  kesheg, lex ,lato, magnus ,mewan, nukor, opticor, quanta, rubico, sybaris ,sepfahn, soma ,sniptron ,sweeper ,scoliac,sigma ,twin gremlins ,twin vipers ,tipedo , vectis,  war,

Feel all free to counter offer for any of those .. because only few of them that have really fix prices (my babies)

also message me where u guys want

i can make test videos if needed


   - Amazing Zaw Collection 



           -Gaz Builds Sniper Rivens : with video test 



- Video Test of the gaz collection :


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