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Hello there,

think Khoras gameplay is very interesting, but the kavat seems to be a normal Kavat with a Skin to me. There is nothing special about it. So i had the idea that Khoras Kavat maybe can copy abilities of your equipped Kavat. That means if u have a Smeeta Kavat Khoras Kavat have the Ability to use Luck for example. It would be very nice. But i also think that the Kavat of Khora should be more agressive. For example The Kavats primary use is to make dmg, and secondary use are the abilities of your main equipped kavat.  so the Kavat could have Finishers on CCd Enemys So if there was a augment wich turns Khoras Kavat into a Smeeta or Ardaza Kavat would be amazing! Or the idea of putting smeeta or ardaza mods into this kavat would be awesome too.

I played Warframe on Ps3, Ps4, and now on the PC since the beta. I love this game very much. And so i wanted to do sth for the game, or for the other players to enjoy it even more. Thank you for this game, and all of the New Content! This Game evolves to an absolute fantastic game! ^^

Thank you for your Time to read my idea. I hope this Ideas seems great for u and i hope that i can see one of these in the game soon ^^.Pls comment and bring your ideas into this post! If we do a Brainstorm, DE maybe read this post and the comments too 

with best regards a poor Tenno Creepyjungle! :b

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7 hours ago, CreepyJungle said:

but the kavat seems to be a normal Kavat with a Skin to me.

Venari is 2 times larger than normal Kavat in sized, have 2 times the hp of normal Kavat, have 3 times the armor of normal Kavat.

Venari  auto respawn (or instant respawn at the cost of 50 energy) unlike normal Kavat which dies after 10 sec of bleeding out.

Venari also gain additional ability depend on which form Khora uses.. in attack mode, Venari gain ensnare which tied up enemies and attack, if Khora marks an enmies, Venari will attack that enemies until it dies.. in protect mode, Venari gain knock down attack and will be stay nearby the marked target and attack anything that get too close and finally, in heal mode, Venari will give 50 hp per sec to any ally that is close to the marked target and will stay close to anyone that have low hp, Venari's ensnare will also heal nearby ally while in this mode..

I dont know about you, but Venari seems very differ than normal Kavat to me, you might been playing warframe since beta, but i been using Khora running with 2 Kavats since her release..

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