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Mag Umbra ability


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Magnetise is strong already, and the Umbral abilities seem designed to take on Sentients, so it's unlikely Magnetise will be the one they change.

I'm thinking it's more likely going to be Shield Polarise that gets its buff, since it's already the 'debuffing' ability (and considering how badly it scales against Armour, I use that term a little tentatively), it would be the one that then removes Sentient Adaptation.

Polarising Scream?

But. Important:

The 'umbral' range are variants on the classic frames, yes, but I think that only Excal Umbra will have a 'howl', because it would be pretty pointless of Ballas to have done exactly the same thing to another person. Not... exactly the same thing.

We may get, instead of an angry, howling Mag, a despairing or uplifted Mag, meaning the theme could be changed.

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14 hours ago, hellodownthere said:

what are you on about ?

Is it bad that I know exactly what they're on about? I mean, your comment only beat mine by seconds, so I didn't see it until now...

They're saying that since Umbral frames are going to be a thing now, Excal is only the first, and since Excal got an Umbral variant of one of his abilities... Mag should have the same treatment.

Of course... OP is not the sharpest Skana in the Arsenal. So they're clutching at some very unimaginative straws.

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Hey, this Tennito is just as sharp as the next that you Thaylien

This was only a reminder for Mag Umbra. (With a kimono, kodachi & parasol btw)

If we can accomplish a good Umbral design for Excal, and an successful image rework for Nezha then why not Mag? 

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so far as we can tell, Umbral Abilities are not overhauled or advanced versions of original abilities beyond stats. rather, they are abilities that have Anti-Sentient effects as well as a casting animation and sound overhaul.

i understand that mag needs a little work, but lets not use her Umbral release as an excuse for the devs to take action much like how people thought Chroma was getting a rework before his primed release (sorry Chroma players. though i respect and agree with your opinions, i had to say the truth.).

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If we're talking about future umbra frames for the future, I wouldn't mind having each frame be related deeply into lore.

For example, Though I do not think it will come soon, I'd like a quest to explore the original Inaros frame who even after when all the Tenno went to sleep, Still protected the people of Mars agains the infested for some time.

If we ever get an open field of Mars after Fortuna and Mercury, I think that would be an excellent opportunity to deepen the lore of Mars, Infested, Inaros and Baro.
The quest would be trying to trace and revive the original Inaros frame which will revive him as 'the Protector'. And once he revives he will try to rule over and protect Mars again.
Only after through the questline do Inaros accepts his death and revival, and will reside in a new Inaros frame made for him. Thus an Inaros Umbra.

I'd like alot of the other Umbras to be like this as well. For Mag I wouldn't be surprised if her story dived more deeply towards the early development of early warframes and her being one of those who got 'disposed' as she kept her consciousness.

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