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How to make Relays IMPORTANT and fun places to go...


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Sorry for my bad English, I wanted to suggest stuff to add into relays to make them actually important and more interactive.


- Komi Game (From Sacrifice)

Adding the komi game will work like this, There will be 7 or 10 Komi places to go into the relays, the player must press X (on pc) and will enter the game, they will have to wait for a player or Invite someone.

The Winner of the Komi game will be granted random rewards, for example, 100 Endo,100 Affinity, or anything else.



- Fashion Frame walk (just like those real-life red walk or I don't know what they are called lol)

The fashion frame walk will work like this, every 4 hours  there will be an icon in a relay, that icon will symbolize that fashion frame walk is live

The people that want to participate will go into a specific room that will have places where player must press X and sit (just like those circles where you press x and bown down),after the countdown of the fashion walk is over,every player inside that room will be randomly selected to go in the front and start walking in a fashion mode,the other players that are sitting and watching will be able to vote for the most good looking Frame,the winner will be selected after everyone has done their fashion wal.

the Winners get this rewards

First Place #1 - A random cosmetic or affinity (Big Amount, not so big of course)

Second Place #2 - Affinity or endo (Medium amount)

Third Place #3 - endo or Credits (Small amount)


This is by far the only thing I can think about.

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Komi and fashion won't make players interested in using a relay more than a week after that feature is added. What relays need is more purpose through gameplay. Reconstruction could have done this, but the scripted nature and lack of influence from the player made it uninteresting past the MR Fodder from Zylok. It would be nice if relay reconstruction rewarded top donating clans with their banner in the relay, or an alliance banner for alliances to contribute. Relays are a social hub, but they could be more involved in the gameplay of Warframe outside of NPC interaction.

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