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Fastest way to clear defense levels?


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neg Strength Nova, most definitely - speed up the Enemies and Antimatter Drop to Kill groups at a time. at the Levels you'll be dealing with, it doesn't really matter what Weapon you use to charge it, a few shots from an Assault Rifle will be plenty to Kill everything within Range anyways.
add a Zenistar to get rid of stragglers near the Objective while you're dealing with the groups elsewhere.

other options include...

Equinox setup for Maim - spray an Ignis (don't forget Punch-Through, a must have for Ignis and for this in particular maybe Sinister Reach) with Rad+Viral to ensure Auras are broken and Maim to handle most of the mapclearing after the Enemies you hit with Ignis are dead.

generic AoE Blast Abilities might work, but, eeh not reliable due to Disruptors+Healers.

spraying an Ignis with Banshee may work, though it's quite Energy intensive to do so reliably (spamming Sonar and then using Sound Quake / Resonating Quake).

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