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Losing rewards when DCed from a mission at the complete end


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First of all, I know this is not a bug, but it is really aggravating. 

 (Explanation of why I'm salty, not 100% useful)
So, I was farming Harrow Systems on Caracol - Saturn and, after we finally saved the 8 squads, I got blessed by RNGsus and finally got my Harrow Systems, after a lot of attempts. 
But the other players were really taking their time to go to the extraction, and I experienced a power failure when the countdown was around 10-15 secs left. I lost everything from this mission, including the last part that would have let me craft Harrow. 

 (Here is my point)
If you DC, for whatever reason, and your squad finds someone else or ends the mission, you lose everything. I don't think it is a bug since this "mechanic" has been there since I started around a year ago, but I don't think this should be happening... And I know there would be a way to let you get (at least part of) your stuff back since you actually keep items from Relics in fissures.

I can see why it is the case because people would maybe leave just before running out of Life Support in Survivals or w/e, but maybe something like "If your squad manages to successfully end the mission X amount of time after you DCed, you get your stuff", idk...


Can't wait to hear your feedback

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