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Thunderbolt / Concealed Explosives Buffs?


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2 minutes ago, Tangent-Valley said:

Easiest scale would just to have the damage done by the explosions scale off the Enemy's Health pool, dealing a certain Percentage of it to enemies in the AoE.

Then you would have to take aim at highest ranking enemy in AOE (which might not be Center).

 Could that be too much calculation and create lag? Would it just be easier to apply the same rules as [Hunter Munitions]?

And do the same with other mods like [Acid Shells] [Vulcan Blitz] etc..

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1 minute ago, Grimmstyler said:

Could that be too much calculation and create lag?

Not really. Oberon's Smite, as well as some other weapon functions, follow these exact styles, and they don't lag the game. Ever.
And you also don't HAVE to shoot the biggest enemy, it's just smarter too. Either way, this scaling would make it a "Play-style" choice of whether or not to include the mod on Bows, and would give it some scaling potential, without completely power-creeping it to the new meta.

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