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Derelict Mission Rework


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The way derelict mission work now, where they are separate from the star map and require a key investment to get into the mission, and do not have a normal matchmaking attached to them, is annoying. This is the basics of warframe, I play a mission, and I can play with others without having to go the effort to find other people to play with, except here, WHY IS THAT? It seems so arbitrary and thoughtless. It is a remnant of the old star chat, that is still here.

What I propose is, like the Kuva Fortress, there are random derelicts that drift in and out around the planets with differencing missions, and rewards, that change level based on the planet it is closet too. There is no need to access these missions with keys any further, but you will still need dragon keys to unlock corrupt vaults. There could be a wider range of missions here, like a higher level infested salvage, and say a rescue that is more like a defection mission because the grineer or corpus have gotten trapped on these derelicts and need help getting free (I get it defection missions suck for most people, but they are not that bad when they work).

It would do well to refresh this piece of content especially since the fortuna content is gonna run thin just like the POE content did.

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