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Dargyn Jacking Bug


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During a Bounty on the Plains, our hacked drone got stuck in place. It looked like it moved a bit when I jumped into it, but still wouldn't head toward extraction. Of course, more Grineer kept showing up and eventually a Dargyn, too. So while my team kept the others at bay, I flew behind it with my Archwing and jacked it to try to use it to move the drone some more. But by the time I got it, the drone had started moving again so I thought I'd exit it... but couldn't. I could still fly and shot, but couldn't get out.

When the drone extracted some Eidolons appeared, so I thought I'd let them shot me out of the Dargyn so I could walk again. But instead of me jumping out after it exploded, I died along with it, and when I try to respawn it starts spectating one of my teammate and I'm still dead! (that was my only time dying in that bounty btw) As if that wasn't bad enough, as some as the rest of the team finishes the bounty, I get DC'ed, it fails the reconnection, and I'm thrown back to Cetus with NOTHING!! Not even Affinity!

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