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How to target Ember’s World on Fire


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Here’s what I picked up for her 4 ability 

WOF is affected by both Duration/Efficiency mods (thanks to MCGamerCZ) so take both to minimize cost 

Growing Power aura builds can be triggered by Artax beam on sentinel (thanks to Nooblshotek) 

Artax is a great way to manage her new range. Don’t look at the map, just look at where the beam goes and that is the nearest target. Turn WOF off when Artax isn’t hitting anything for too long. 

Mobilize mod helps Ember to lunge at that nearest target and absorb orbs on the way. It is a very good combo with Artax once you trust the beam as a targeting device.  

Some advice for corrosive/heat builds for her, I take a Shattering impact melee for tougher units with her 4 on. 

Without the Artax/Mobilize combo Ember could just burn through energy without hitting anything. So again, when just looting or traversing, turn WOF off and just put it back on once Artax beam flashes again.

Take care, Tennito

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What with the range Nerf to WoF you're probably better off slathering her with literally every range mod you can get your grubby paws on. Followed by 4/5 efficiency mods and Primed Continuity to keep your Duration at 100%. At which point you're WoF is going to reduce itself down to something like 27m which is about what I ran it at pre-nerf anyhow.... and the drop in Power Strength is essentially negated by the fact that they increased the damage from the "low range" WoF by 100%

The change to WoF somewhat Ironically forced me into using essentially the exact same build that they where trying to curb because it was the max range (50+m WoF) Embers that where the "problem". Cause up until that I never ran with max range but GG now I do. I was even able to finally give up on Power Strength and work Firequake and Steel Fiber back into my build. 

Which still melts everything in the starchart, hell I went from being prolly 60-70% of the team damage with my old Mayhem build to regularly being 90+%. Just never turn WoF off and play slightly more aggressively cause while the energy drain isn't "terribad" you still need those Orbs slightly more than you did before. 


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Some points from playing today:

There are other bullet jump mods- firewalker and lightning dash I like for their powerful sounds. 

Those bullet jump mods are not just for targeting though, theyre also for continuously collecting energy orbs.

WOF will be very power hungry at 100% but the bullet jump spam in some maps will allow the ability to continue if you scan for orbs and lunge at them too.  

So mobilize adds range and vacuums energy for Ember’s 4.

It will be boring to just spam bullet jumps, so here is a parkour topic to help mix things up:


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