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While doing the "Gift from Lotus" Alert this evening I experienced some weirdness; my UI went out at 20 minutes after a death. Upon reviving nothing on my HUD would change. The map, waypoints, life bars, etc were all frozen where they were at 20:45. I kept running around and killing things for a while (as Ember, so I just used World on Fire) but the game kept getting less and less responsive. I suppose my other 3 teammates were not having any issues because I sure dont think I was picking up any oxygen. Around what I assume was 30 minutes the game was completely unplayable. Mobs would only appear or move once every 30 seconds and I died 2 more times without knowing what was going on.


At this point I decided, since I had no idea what my teammates were doing, that I should just idle somewhere and let Ghost ensure that I survive. I figured that if my teammates all died then I would be the only one to ensure that we completed the mission (which was probably 40 minutes). I could not even see the chat window nor communicate my dilemma. So I sat there for probably 5-10 minutes, then the mission ended.


Now this is where I am unclear; obviously the UI was a bug, but should I have not recieved any rewards? Is this a result of going idle/afk? Did my UI bug wipe all Mods and Materials that I had gathered? I only recieved a Hawkeye mod and the Catalyst, none of the 100 or more Material canisters and Mods that I picked up.

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