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Sentinel combat precepts?



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I prefer to not even max Carrier's Striker mod leaving it around 7.5m with a heavy Blast build Sweeper since a Blast proc is 5m radius.

This insures Carrier only bothers to target enemies close to you which are general more dangerous. Often Sentinels will try to target enemies behind walls or further distance than a target which is closer. It functions perfectly as a melee counter measure, pretty much nothing near you will be able to stand up or get within melee range freeing your attention to focus on the long distance priority targets because you don't have to watch your back as much.

It's dependable since you know exactly what it's going to be shooting at instead of random enemies within range.

Outside a Helios Stealth multiplier bug; Sentinels have very limited killing potential esp on armored enemies. Add to that Sweeper is a shotgun and subject to damage fall-off with significant spread.

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