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Mining nodes and resounce minimap indicators constantly dissapearing when farming in Plains of Eidolon


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Does anyone else have this bug?

Choose solo free roam on the plains. Equip advanced cutter. The mining nodes show up and the sound notification when I get close. as do the white square boxes of resource locations on the minimap. Every so often (about 1 minute or so, sometimes less) I notice I am not getting any more nodes to show up. I Shift into operator node and back for a split second, suddenly all the mining nodes show up, often I am standing on one of them! Massively slows down farming because I am never sure if I am near resources or near mining nodes when this is occurring.

Additional notes:

I have equipped Nova for max range movement and max loot detection. It seems to bug out when I use the teleport often but not exclusively I can not teleport the whole mission and still get this problem, the same with an archwing. Also If I have the mining node scanner on but have my "1" ability active and it shoots a creature / grineer / bird etc, even though my advanced cutter still equipped this also seems to "Reset" the game to thinking that my mining cutter is not equipped (and although I can still mine a node I can see right in front of me I stop getting any notifications on the minimap or the sounds of close proximity detection). Same thing if my sentinel attacks the creature / grineer etc that attacks me while I am mining a node (I think). 

This is completely apart from the bug or lag that occurs if running solo around the map with an archwing where the map can't keep up with my location to feed the resource info to the minimap in a timely fashion. This occurs even if I am slow walking (painfully slowly!) around the map.

Is this a known issue? I just want to make sure that it will be fixed for the upcoming new area after plains as I don't really need anything from the plains except gem gems gems but will certainly need items in the new area.


Thanks for input and consideration.


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