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Please change the arbitration extraction


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Alright, it makes some time now i play this wonderful game and for once, I've deciced that it might be a good idea to summarize the little issues i encounter right now starting with the arbitration:


In arbitration, i like playing with randoms and meet new people but i hate when those guys wants to leave after 20 minutes of survival while i would like to stay more (last time, 2 guys died and the one alive with me decided to leave at 11 min...)
I think it might be a good idea to put an extraction zone where people will separately extract after 10 seconds spent in the specific extraction point. I know you've never done this before but maybe now is the time (and maybe for all kind of survivals so we don't have to depend on others).
This extraction systems sound to be the best way to merge veterans and beginners in matchmaking so somes could leave earlier or later than the majority.


In my opinion, seeing from the fact that since the SACRIFICE quest, we are able to put UMBRA MODS on every warframe we want, we are sometimes obliged to get the same warframe a second or even a third time (hello volt) for another build with once again 5 or 6 forma on it.
So i've thinked of this. Imagine if after puting a forma on one slot, we could be able to swap the polarities if we want to. For example, i put a forma on NOVA's aura mod slot. After puting this forma, i can have either a Corrosive Projection or a Power Donation with the good polarity (for example)
If you decide to do this, the 3 builds we can do on each warframes (config A, B and C) will be really usefull now.
Of course, in order to keep the "endgame" quite hard to fully reach and finish, the original polarities wouldn't be able to swap 
I've been thinking about it since umbra came and i really wonder what you think of this idea


I think it might be a good idea to put a way to reacquire EVERY weapons/warframes/archwings one way or another: i understand and agree on the fact that you want us to pay some platinums to reacquire limbo (for example) or to farm sentients and stalker to get the broken war again. But the azima/zenistar/zenith/sigma & octantis/broken scepter and Odonata cannot be reacquired at all. I would understand if u say "After 300 days of connections, you should be aware of that and you should be carefull" and i totally agree with you!! But you get the broken scepter at the beginning of the game and you can't consider that it's normal for the new player (when he's still a bit lost in the game) to be aware of this or even to read a pop-up (if u decide to put one...maybe you did...but i don't think it's enought). And now, with the new login rewards system, all of those weapon can are obtainable after 100 days...and for somes, 100 days are not enought to be aware of that


This will be short and simple xD
Why don't you reduce the price of the bundle when we already acquire something in it
For exemple if i have MESA DELUXE SKIN and if want the BUNDLE a bit later because i didn't have enought plat before, we should be able to buy the bundle with a discount 😄



The thing i like in arbitration is that it is worth to stay as much as we can because we have to wait around 30 minutes to start getting the C rotation. But when we do kuva survival, we don't really care bout the rewards. So i think it might be a good idea the increase the kuva rewards depending on how much kuva was harvested before.


_ Lotus noggle bugged on orbiter (maybe it comes from me though)
_ Specters sometimes not following us even if "follow" is activated
_ Specific type of capture target sometimes One Shoting us (the target has the amprex i think). Unfortunately, i can't give anymore details about this sorry 😕

Here is all i have to say about the negative aspect of the game in my opinion. I just want to remind you that if i do this, it's not a a purpose of hate and rage, i simply deeply love this game and because i love it, i want to help improve it. Thank you DE for hearing me out and thank you for this wonderful game ❤️



P.S: I hope i've put the discussion in the right section of the forum. Feel free to add some more things in the comment, i probably forgot some little things so i'll add it in the comment if i remember 😉 


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Hello there !
I agree with first point and third points: individual extraction on endless missions would be dope. For weapons : I sold Azima and broken scepter when I didn't have enough platinum to buy weapons slots, but now I regret it a bit and I have no way to undo my mistake.

WHO could disagree with point four 😂, for real, everyone want scaling rewards and it has started with arbitrations and I hope Kuva survival is the next step 🤩. I trust DE on how they will handle this matter since we are not the first to ask for this, youtubers have already started complaining (Hi LifeOfRio, Hi Mogamu ^^)...

For the second point, forma giving every polarities to a spot... I don't think it's possible, it would become "too easy". I suggest that putting a mod on a spot wouldn't erase the polarity(ies) that is/are already on that spot. For example Nova prime has a Dash polarity on her aura that let people put Corrosive projection for +14 but putting a madurai (V) polarity on the aura would permit putting either CP for +14 or Power Donation for +18.

Here is my idea on how to improve the polarity system. Hope to see answers with other ideas of improvements and future changes to make Warframe an even greater game 😁.



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