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Repeated crash caused by entering the personal decorations menu in a dojo


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Anytime I attempt to load the personal decorations menu in my Dojo whether it be to place them or simply to view them the game crashes. If any other player attempts to do this they will also crash. 

My clan has 4000 plus Platinum worth of decorations in its Vault that are not obtainable, placeable, or retrievable. 

I've wrote in tickets with no response, made a previous bug report with no response, and attempted to directly message members of DE about this and after 6 days going on 7 now I have nothing to show for it. All I was looking for was a response telling me that DE is aware of the problem, and now the next major update is in cert. Meaning that this fix will take even longer if it requires a major update to be implemented. I followed all the appropriate steps, plz help us.

I would have posted this in the PS4 subsection but for some reason I am marked as a PC user and am locked from posting on all PS4 exclusive content on the Forum

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