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My Riven link is broken :(


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SO, i have a 285 rolls Tiberon Visican in my inventory. After the 268th rolls,something happened: when i link my riven in the chat section, the rolls were messed up and only shows 30 rolls.

I have confirmed the bug with my clanmates cause they can only see 30 rolls on the riven when it still have 285 rolls sitting in my inventory.This is pretty anoying for me cause i have a goal to get 1k roll on the specific riven 😞.

If the someone have the same bug as me feel free to speak up and let DE know the situation to fix the Riven linking bug. It might seem small but to me its a goal and a goal got destroyed by some random bug is not a good idea.

Pls fix my riven link 😞

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