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Nullifier drones give LoS melee protection to Nullifiers


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When fighting Nullifiers, if the bubble is fully depleted and the drone reattaches to the Nullifier's backpack (without being shot down), the drone can then confer occasional LoS immunity to damage from melee weapons; every other melee attack that target the upper portions of the body have a chance of dealing no damage to the Nullifier because the drone is taking all the damage. These strikes may have to be repeated until the drone explodes, then the nullifier is vulnerable to all angles of attack. It's a bit haphazard to determine what angles the drone can protect the nullifier, because overhead strike stances like Rending Crane appear to be wholly unaffected.

Please investigate and if possible remove this protective LoS effect for the drone.


Edit: Found a good way to track the bug. Use a heavy hammer weapon and attack the drone-retracted nullifier with the hammer equipped BUT without any stance combos (sideways swing-overhead swing-overhead swing). Now, note that while the sideways swing damages the nullifier, the overhead swings have a high chance to do no damage to the healthbar. In fact, repeating the combo over and over winds up destroying the nullifier drone first before killing the nullifier!

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