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A heavy gunblade concept


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So. I was watching the newest Gwain Saga episode and in this moment https://youtu.be/TKuJMlUMpFg?t=765 ( a linked 12:45) a new weapon mode of Geo was shown (the dud in yellow. not the purple one), aka. his big blade having a Gun mode. it was also later (19:39) shown it has also Auto fire and semi auto, not only Railgun-like charge shoot. so I thought to myself what if that was a warframe weapon. a arch-melee (but still used on ground, could be integrated with the whole archgun on foot thing that's going to happen) sized blade that can be used as a powerful ranged weapon at a cost of it being only weapon you can hold (like no other 2 weapons). You could switch between modes using your weapon change button.

Now about mods on this. It could either take the same approach as normal gunblades (normal melee slots and mods with one additional slot for a stance, with probably would be unique, that affect both slashes and whatever this thing fires) OR 2 separate mod setups one active during gun mode and other during melee, that use respective mod types (serration used in gun mode, pressure point in melee mode) with would be better to offset the fact that you don't have any primary or secondary. It would also work like archgun when it comes to ammo. a supply that refills when you don't fire it, or, taking idea from hyper light drifter, recharged using melee attacks.

So, what do you think?


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A heavy gunblade would be nice, i like your idea of making it an archwing weapon. Allowing two mods setups is unlikely though, unless they plan to use it for other things too but that would be lot of work to ensure everything is balanced (they didn't do it for dual stances dark split-sword, for example).

Personally for a slow gun/melee combo i'd love something like the gunlances from the monster hunter games (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW_2gma8Yk8) but with the somewhat higher mobility of the normal lances (chaaaarge!), to make it more useable in a horde shooter environment.

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