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Flailing Branch bug


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While testing different builds for my zaw staff in the simulacrum, I noticed the first strike in the Flailing branch stance had negative range. I could not hit the target when we were nose to nose. However, I further observed that I could hit the target from up to 6m away while facing away from him. I also noticed that even though I was looking away from him, the animation turned my character around, but not the camera. I had to look at the front half of my warframe while trying to hit an enemy I couldn't see. The visual bug occurred more often while I was walking backwards. I know the negative range of the attack doesn't really fit into this thread, but I figured that this information could get into the proper hands. I thought I'd post this here solely because of the warframe turning itself around, despite the camera, doing the attack in the negative range manner. I hope this can get fixed soon because it makes staves unusable when the first attack is a guaranteed miss.

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