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The Tonkor is bugged...


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Okay, so there is something very wrong with the Tonkor.

In the patch notes, it says and I quote.

  1. The grenade needs to travel 6m before arming itself, it will bounce off yourself, other players and AI before then. (UPDATE 20)
  2. Changed projectile life from 3 secs on launch to 1 sec after first bounce (UPDATE 22.12)

On the wiki it says.

  1. The Tonkor will only hit an enemy with a direct hit if it hits the player model. This can result in the grenades bouncing between enemy legs.

So here's the problem with it. Tell me if you notice anything wrong.


My Tonkor mods btw.



If you didn't know, the Tonkor is supposed to explode on-hit after traveling 6m.

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2 hours ago, Duck-FE said:

Well the more post about it, the better right?

Yes exactly. I just got the -90% to self damage mod (you still one shot yourself mind you, unless you are Rhino or similar, so this mod needs a buff, but it's a step in the right direction). But had my grenades bouncing all over the place, regardless of distance. Not what you want to find when doing an arbitration. Fix it!

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