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Arbitration + Limbo possible bug


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In Arbitration my Limbo's Cataclysm ability affected normal enemies but not the arbiter bots that grant invincibility to enemies. when the bot is inside the void sphere, it counts as not voided, forcing allies to leave the bubble and shoot into it, or myself to lower the bubble in order to kill the arbiter bot. If bug your welcome for the report, if not bug I would very much ask that it be changed anyway because it basically takes my best ability and makes it more of a hindrance than anything remotely useful.

on another note I wasn't able to rift the ally in the same arbitration defense mission. it is a common strategy to rift rescue targets, defense alleys and defection guys. I could see that being not a bug as keeping them immune to harm could be a broken way to win, but it also might relate to the other issue as both apply to rifting enemies.

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