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Riven Unveil Bug


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So I have 2 Veiled Riven mods, a rifle one and a melee one.

On both mods the condition to unveil them is to "Complete an incursion alone without taking damage". I've seen a lot of people just saying to go rhino and you're good to go but since I don't have Rhino I'm using Valkyr from the get go and I just completed 3 incursions (while leaving Cetus after each one) without taking any damage (0% damage taken) and nothing happened.

The "Riven Mission" shows up in the bottom of my screen. I've tried doing one at a time. I've even tried playing Ivara and just going invisible and not taking any damage as well...

I really don't know what more I can do, anyone has any idea to why it isn't working? Is it a bug or am I just doing it wrong?

I would appreciate any help

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29 minutes ago, Robolaser said:

Not sure if you're having the same issue, but I had to select solo mode to complete that challenge. It didn't work in the other modes even though i was alone in the plains when i did the incursion.

I tried it solo everytime, so that might not be the problem

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