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Foundry Concept


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Foundry Concept

So there has been some argument about foundries and how people complain that they do not like the idea of waiting for items to be built. Others on the other hand think that the anticipation of items being built develops the game play. I suggest a way to support both sides of the debt. A system that uses the number of missions a player completes and use it as a foundry builder component.

This is how I interpret how this will work. When a player completes a mission they get a foundry point kind of like credits or ducats, but with only receiving them by completing missions. The different missions can vary with these points with:

Normal Missions: These missions are the ones that can not be varied depending on how well you do or how weak the enemy is. Capture, Deception, Extermination, interception, invasion, Mobile Defense, Rescue, and sabotage will only reward 3 points per completing missions.

Spy Missions: One Foundry Cache will be earned by how much information they have collected. If the team fails to bring back one of the information from spy missions they will receive only two Foundry Cache. If all three are collected 3 points will be rewarded to the player.

Assassination Missions: They will vary depending on the strength of the boss leaving me to be unable to answer this one besides saying Captain Vor mission will be around 5 points 

Excavation Missions: Every time the tenno completes 3 excavators he receives one point at the end of the mission.

Defense Missions: Every 5 rounds the player gets 2 points or foundry cache

Survival Missions: Every 5 min the player gets 3 foundry points

Void Missions: If the player has a void relic they get 4 points after the mission, but if they do not have a relic the player earns 3 points after the mission

Defection Missions: The player earns 2 points upon each rescued group of members

Each mission will be added one point for each level 50 enemies to level 100 enemies in the mission.

Ever missions rewards these points and stack them up like endo, but for your foundry. Instead of having a long timer for three days, players can just insert these items and wait for 1 - 10min for the item to be built. I think the 1 - 10 min wait will be necessary at the very least for the difference between building a warframe and building a weapon like the kraken. Then there is a way in which the developers can earn a bit of money from this. Every platinum used is worth 30 points for those who do not have the time to complete those missions. The number of points needed for building the part can change depending on the time is needed to build the item like the 12 hour building wait time can convert to 432 points needed to craft that item. This system will be used so that the reward will be equal to the time the tenno spent on making it.


The points can be added or decreased if necessary. Criticism will be appreciated. If you don't agree just ask for foundry boosters rofl.

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On the one hand, I kinda like the idea, because then your gameplay is directly tied to how quickly the weapons are produced...

On the other hand, I feel like the point of the current system is that you work hard to earn the materials needed for a weapon, set it to build.... and then go sleep while your weapon is being made. Now I would need to farm twice as much to get a weapon I want when I'm not necessarily in the mood to play as much. It would also not make it as exciting to log back into Warframe and see all these new toys for me to play around with. I'd return to find that I have another 20 missions left to do and might choose to do something else instead of playing.

I wouldn't mind if this idea was used to supplement the current build times. Like... weapons still take 12 hours to build, but you can speed it up by doing missions. It'd take a lot of missions, sure, but it would still help with the building time. Or maybe there could be a rare resource that we could find in any mission that would lower the build time by like 30 minutes.

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